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Fact telling, if Egypt consumes 50% of electrical energy in residential, commercial and governmental buildings, there is no way to continue constructing buildings just to accommodate people without consideration to sustainability. Approaches such as coupling outdoor-indoor thermal performance associated with climate change scenarios to predict future urban forms, building designs and sustainability measures in terms of thermal comfort, carbon emissions and energy consumption have to be in the core mind of designing our built environment.

From these standing points, the Egyptian Group for Energy in Buildings and Environmental Design Research established by Dr. Mohammad Fahmy upon gathering the ideas of Prof. Dr. Abdel-Monteleb Mohamed Aly, Prof. Dr Morad Abdel-Kader, and others to campaign architects, planners, urban planners and all the qualified specialists in the Built Environment Sustainable Design and Control issues.

EEER is a voluntary effort of interested and experienced researchers in the related fields of built environment to increase the awareness of the importance of designing energy efficient built environment and to establish a micro-climatic basis for present day urban planning & design as well as in future climates. EEER-IBPSAEgypt will contribute to many activities such as educational events, workshops and meetings. EEER-IBPSAEgypt now has a group on Facebook;

The IBPSA Board voted unanimously in the last three weeks (prior to 21/3/2012) to approve two new affiliates – IBPSA-Egypt and IBPSA-Ireland. This brings IBPSA to 26 affiliates worldwide representing more than 35 countries and more than 4200 members. More info about IBPSA, the International Building Performance Association, can be found here;

Information about IBPSA affiliates including Egypt can be found here;

Honorable Chairman for EEER-IBPSAEgypt
Prof. Dr. Arch. Morad Abdel-Kader
Professor of Architecture Design & Environmental Control
Department of Architecture Engineering
Ex-Vice President of Ain Shams University
Member codes committee of the National Housing & Building Research Center
Member scientific committee of the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt


EEER-IBPSAEgypt Manager, newsletter editor & IBPSA - Egypt Affiliate
Associate Prof. Dr. Arch. Mohammad Fahmy Abdel-Aleem
Lecturer of Passive Architecture & Urban Built Environment

Energy efficient buildings expert


EEER-IBPSAEgypt board member
Prof. Dr. Arch. Ayman Mahmoud
Professor of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning
Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering
Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt



EEER-IBPSAEgypt Newsletter CO-Editor and board member

Dr. Arch. Mady Mohamed

Lecturer of Architecture & Environmental control

Department of Architecture, Zagazig University



EEER-IBPSAEgypt Newsletter CO-Editor and board member

Arch. Heba Hassan

Assistant Lecturer, Industrial Education Faculty, Beni-Suiff University


EEER-IBPSAEgypt board member
Arch. Noha El-Mahmoudy
Senior Architect and Projects Coordinator

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